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Спешим поделиться приятной новостью: в этом году проекты D3 Media посетили Канны в рамках MIPCOM.


В марте состоялся XIX Фестиваль анимационного кино в Суздале. С каждым годом Фестиваль становится все интереснее!


13 февраля 2014 года в пресс-центре ИТАР-ТАСС состоялась пресс-конференция, посвященная презентации первой виртуальной экспозиции подводного музея линейного корабля "Лефорт".


В Москве 10 по 17 октября прошел Фестиваль Актуального научного кино 360°. В рамках фестиваля состоялся показ научно-популярного сериала «Волшебная Лаборатория».


Ежегодный международный рынок кино и теле-контента MIPCOM прошел в Каннах в начале октября. Объединенный стенд Ассоциации Анимационного Кино уже второй год подряд собирает лучшие российские анимационные студии.


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School 13

School 13Our lead character is Dimon – a rebel teen school kid, obsessed with computer games instead of home-work, a bit of a playboy, his parents’ worst nightmare, and constantly causing trouble at school. He is the underdog teen in any school anywhere in the world. He isn’t afraid of making fun of himself to deal with life’s difficulties.


Secret Agents


Heroes of “Secret Agents” don’t sleep by nights, work for the welfare of our country round the clock and save motherland from global plot and universal evil every day. In the new series of the first season valiant Russian spies Petskov, Sun'-Dun' and Smirnov under close supervision of the colonel Isaev of the ASS (Agency for State Secrets) will visit the most inaccessible corners of the globe: Antarctica, Sahara or the dressing room Justin Bieber – everywhere to once again save the world from the universal evil. During the missions Smirnov manages to hook up a lot of pretty girls, Petskov – passes the next game, and Sun'-Dun' – finally eats normally. And of course, the mission is impossible if they do not use Professor Skolkov's "brilliant" inventions!




School 13: GameOrgy

School 13: Игрооргии

Animated TV-show. A spin-off series that uses Dimon – our lead character of “School 13” series to review PC and Console games on TV. It is a new fresh format for Russian TV. Exciting independent and honest review of new games in a unique recognizable style – is the key to success. The premiere of the first season was released on TV Channel “2x2” in 2012 and it was a huge success in Russia.


Magic Lab

Волшебная лаборатория

The main character and presenter of the series is professor Onotole – animated image of Anatoly Vasserman – popular Russian journalist and intellectual. “Magic Lab” – is a scientific-popular project, created to convey to the audience the basic concepts of modern science and stimulate the interest of teenage people to knowledge and science. Professor Onotole explains complex scientific concepts in simple terms to the audience. Each individual episode is dedicated to a particular scientific topic.


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